Saturday, November 8, 2014

In Which The Week Ends Fall Rides

Bambi is now king of the forest and does not entirely approve of bikers.

Not really—November is a fall month, too, but it feels different, there is certainly a taste of oncoming winter. We may see snow here Monday, so I’m not sure what the biking week ahead will bring.

The biking week behind brought some nice weather, but it was also cool. One night I ended up leaving my bike at work, and another day I drove a car to work, but I still go some extra miles in.

On Wednesday, for instance, I swung down by Cedar Lake on the way home. As I headed back north after checking to see that there is, indeed, still a lake in the middle of Cedar Rapids, I noticed a buck rather casually consuming bark on a tree near the trail.

Profile view.

Now, I know deer chew bark in winter, but it seems there would be lots more that would be greener, more succulent and easier to chew available to this buck right now. But then again, it’s that time of year when male deer go quite lovelorn crazy, and maybe he was just drowning his sorrows form a jilting by a doe by chewing up a tree.

The days are now cooler and the trees more barren. I still think the browner world of the colder months has its charms, and I do enjoy still being outside, but it will be nicer still when leaves are growing on the trees rather than blowing along the ground.

And that wind. Totally option, in my opinion.

Roof work going on at MMU chapel earlier this week. They are getting ready for the cold and maybe wet months ahead.

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