Thursday, July 3, 2014

In Which Linn County Storm Cleanup Is Very Impressive

What the trail looked like this evening a bit over 3 miles north of Boyson Road. Contrast that with my last blog post.

My front tire got a bit mushy on an 18-mile ride I took this evening, and I’m worried that it might go flat—but beyond that, the twilight ride was very nice—cool and not windy.

And, most impressive, I rode north on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail. I rode the same trail Tuesday afternoon. Following Monday’s storm, it was littered with leaves and branches, and sometimes fallen trees. My sister and I went maybe 3 miles or so, and gave up.

Well, you could still tell today that there had been a heck of a storm. Some trees still lean threateningly over the trail. Beside the trail is lots of cut wood. But the trail itself has been well cleaned all the way to Lafayette—miles of debris have been swept away. That’s a lot of work, Linn County, and you did it very quickly. Kudos.

Lots of piles of wood by the trail. Someone was very busy with a chain saw.

Along the way, I saw a 10-point buck, a raccoon that ran along the trail in front of me for some time, and oddles and oddles of rabbits. Clearly, lots of wildlife made it through the storm. I was expecting to see clouds of mosquitoes—and I expect I will soon, but didn’t tonight.

I may not have much time to ride for a few days, and today’s ride had to be quick. But I’m hoping to pick up the pace of training this next week, and maybe slack off a bit the week after. RAGBRAI is coming!

Big tree uprooted in Lafayette.

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