Saturday, June 7, 2014

In Which I Open the RAGBRAI Box

On Friday, I got an e-mail from RAGBRAI stating that they had mailed me a package. Today, that package arrived, and it was a bit of a surprise:

So this arrived in the mail today. I was busy this morning and it rained later, so no biking today--but an exciting looking biking package in the mail.
I had only gotten the e-mail yesterday. And here was the box today!
Surprise! Everything for everybody. Not just one wrist band, five. Five bike bands and bike licenses and participant guides. One vehicle decal, two water bottles and two shirts (one other team member and I paid extra for these).
Front of the shirt. Bad luck to wear before RAGBRAI?
Back o shirt. And in both shirt photos, the official RAGBRAI water bottle.
The surprise was that in the past, RAGBRAI mailed stuff to each team member. But now, I have it all, which makes me a little nervous. Still, it feels like RAGBRAI is now official and Team Joe 2.0 is getting ready to ride!


  1. It looks more real now that I've seen the T-shirts and arm bands!

    1. Oh, and the cheap water bottle :) I'll mail your participant guide, if it's OK, I'll hang to the rest of the stuff because you don't really need anything else before RAGBRAI. The guide will have training and packing advice that you'll probably enjoy reading.