Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In Which Francis Is Ready to be Ridden

Francis is back  and ready for me to ride.
The cost to repair Francis was a bit daunting—over $200, more than half the price of a new Francis. I don’t know the relevant math rules,so it is hard for me to rationally conclude if it was worth it, but Francis is back now.

New seat and new seat post. It's comfy.
The bike was tuned, got a new seat and seat post, new chain and new rear gears. A tune costs $75 and a chain is an almost annual $50 or so expense, so I guess over half the bill would be the annual cost of owning any bike, including a new Francis. So, despite my qualms, it probably was OK to get done.

It certainly would not make sense to ride a bike that is not roadworthy.

I’m a bit under the weather today—had a tummy ache and headache
—so I only rode the bike the mile from the shop to home. How was it?

It was Iowa, or maybe Heaven. Someplace nice—the bike was a dream to ride. I shifted silently and smoothly and the new seat felt like I was riding on a recliner. Francis is pretty nice. Of course, maybe it’s the contrast to The Beast, a bike that has no springs on its narrow, hard seat—but I’m looking forward to some longer rides on my familiar Francis.

The Beast will still be around. It will be a handy winter beater bike, and I’m glad to have it. But even more, I’m glad to have Francis back.

New gears and new chain. 1,000 miles wore out the old, I guess.

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