Saturday, February 1, 2014

In Which There Is Some Local Biking News

Iowa City Press-Citizen web site,, featured this image of a local officer on a fat tire bike. Me, my only Fat Tires have been cold, in bottles, but this kind looks fun, too.

Two items from local media concerning bicycles:

First, the Iowa City Press Citizen reported Jan. 30 that the Iowa City Police have purchased a “fat tire” bike, one of those bikes with low-pressure, wide tires that should be able to ride anywhere. Some use them as snow bikes, although you encounter them on trails in the summer, too, and they founds like a freight train is coming. Or maybe a semi. Iowa City Police wont’ be sneaking up on anybody on this bike.

Second, The Gazette noted Jan. 17 that a man in North Liberty was struck by a car while riding his bike. In investigating the accident, police found marijuana and various drug paraphernalia on the bike. This not being Colorado, the biker was arrested.

Well, for the record, CR Biker is always clean. I don’t inhale combusted plant materials of any sort, if I can help it. Fermented ones, well, sure, but I drink them, not inhale them, and I also don’t believe in biking while impaired.

And do I want a bike with fat tires? Not as my main bike, but if I were to own a fleet of bikes, yeah, I could see that. And if I did, I’m sure you could hear it coming.

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