Sunday, February 23, 2014

In Which There Is Some Biking Hope

If I get a set of speech papers graded early enough this afternoon, I may get Francis out for a brief Sunday excursion.

And if the weather forecast is right, this might be a cold but decent week, for biking. Sure it will be cold--lows below zero, which are extraordinarily low for this time of year, but not exactly unheard of.

Still, they will be barely below zero. And the only snow in the forecast this week is a light dusting Monday. If I'm cautious, and since I have to say late Monday on campus, I'll probably err on the side of caution, that might rule out Monday for biking. Whether I ride Tuesday depends on how light the “dusting” Monday turns out to be.

But, if it’s not too windy (a bit of an “if,” I will concede) I may be commuting by bike by Wednesday, which will feel good.

Speaking of feeling good, here’s a nice biking story from “Florida Today.” The Melbourne, Fla., newspaper reports that a 13-year-old boy who was riding his bicycle to school ended up being struck by an SUV. The boy was only slightly hurt, thank goodness, but his bicycle was destroyed.

He had been dragged 8 feet and briefly trapped under the SUV, but was able to free himself before firefighters arrived. But the firefighters who came to his rescue once came to his rescue again—they raised $200 and with that were able to purchase a replacement bike for the one destroyed in the accident.

Well, that warms the heart. It’s already spring in Florida, and I hope Semaj Lynch continues to ride in it and stays safe.

And even as we dip once more into Arctic temperatures in Iowa, the sun will shine more and more each day. Cold as it is, it may not be too cold for biking. Slowly, the bicycle season here is getting underway!
Cutline from Flroida Today, which posted this image: A week after Semaj Lynch, 13, was struck by a car, some of the same firefighters who rescued him gave him a new bike to replace the one destroyed in the accident. / for FLORIDA TODAY

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