Monday, December 2, 2013

In Which I Take the Road Most Traveled

Besides the one ride with Ben, I ended up with time for only two other bikes ride over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

That was Saturday and Sunday mornings, when I rode Francis to the gym for my morning workouts. Sunday was just a quick jaunt to and from the gym, but I had other plans for Saturday. On Saturday, at the gym, I used an elliptical machine and then did weight machines, and then hopped back onto my bike (OK, “hopped” is a bit of hyperbole for an aging, big guy well beyond his hop years, but I mean that I figuratively hopped, as in mounted quickly or at least as quickly as my old frame allows—no actual “hopping” was involved).

My plan, since the morning was sunny, fine and fairly warm—in the low 30's with only light wind—was to do the Lindale-Boyson trail complex. I usually ride a bike at the gym after I do weights, but I figured: Why ride a bike in a stuffy indoor gym when the trail awaits?

Off I went. For maybe ½ a mile or less, when I encountered a “trail closed” barrier. Well, harrumph. Yet, there is some good news—it appears that the trail is closed because Marion is blacktopping part of the trail, too. I don’t know how much of the Lindale Trail they are planning to pave—the hillside where it joins the Boyson Trail would be nice to blacktop because the limestone surface there frequently washes out in rains—but I guess I can accept a closed trail for a few days due to a good reason like this.

So, I turned around and headed for home. Moments later, grandchildren showed up. That, I guess, is some positive biking karma.
The sign at the trail's end. Note the newer, blacker asphalt as the trail continues from Cedar Rapids into Marion. So I saw trail's end on Saturday after I saw "The World's End" on Friday. It's a fun movie, by the way.

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