Thursday, October 17, 2013

In Which Asphalt Appears on Lindale Trail

West end of Lindale Trail this cool, grey morning. Now it's paved.

Well, Cedar Rapids upped the ante.

Last week, I noticed that the Lindale Trail was closed, but I had no idea why. We’re on fall break right now at MMU, and on Tuesday on the way home, I thought it looked like the west end of the trail was paved.

Pretty red maple leaves along Boyson Trail. It was rather quiet this cool morning.

No, couldn’t be. But this morning, after my workout at the gym, I decided to take a brief ride on the Lindale and Boyson trails, and, surprise, surprise, Cedar Rapids has spread some asphalt on its part of the Lindale Trail. The Cedar Rapids end was newer, and thus mushier, than the Marion end, so it’s good to see this part paved. The other piece that would be nicest to pave would be the hillside in Marion, where rains often cause ruts in the trail.

Francis on the Lindale Trail. I've stopped to snap some leaf (and bike) photos.

But, anyway, a few hundred yards of asphalt have appeared on this trail. Eventually, this will be that start of a trail route all the way to MMU, when the connecting trail between Marion and Cedar Rapids gets put in.

Bright sumac beside the Lindale Trail in Marion. This is what I shot before taking the bike picture.

That will be nice. The fall rides this week have been a bit cool, and on Wednesday, surprisingly wet. I was hoping to get some longer rides in on fall break, but between grading, and planting (a large order of fall bulbs arrived just after break started), that looks like it won’t happen. But that’s OK—there have been some rides, cool fall rides—and I don’t mind cool rides at all.

A bunch of signs as I head west towards the busy Lindale street on the Lindale trail.

Especially with a new touch of paving.

Not mystery where Cedar Rapids begins when you're headed west.

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