Sunday, August 4, 2013

In Which The Bar is Back and Babes Go For Rides

Amelia watches a large dog that is half sitting in the stream as it chews grass. This is not her "worried" face--dogs don't really scare her (no animal does), she's just really concentrating. She has lipstick on her arm because her Aunt Nina kissed her there.

My youngest daughter came home this weekend to buy a new car, and while she was here, the clan gathered Saturday night for a little party.

In anticipation of this, I put the toddler seat bar back on Francis and also hitched up the trailer to Audrey’s bike. Amelia was very willing to go for a pre-supper ride. We headed up Devonshire and went to the Boyson Trail. She was pretty excited to see everything—water, as usual; other bikers; and puppies.

At the low bridge, we paused because a lady had her dog enjoying a dip there, and Amelia always wants to stop to look at streams, but a stream with a dog in it—two of her favorite things, animals and water—was irresistible, so we stopped and watched a while.

We made a fairly quick loop of it, heading home on the Lindale Trail. When I got home, Amelia at first refused to get out of the bike seat. Luckily, Katy was getting ready to take Tristan for a ride in a trailer, and Amelia agreed to go with him.

Clearly, she didn’t think 30 minutes was enough of a ride.

Anyway, Audrey has been doing a bit more biking lately—she rode her Schwinn mountain bike over to Katy’s one day, and today we were planning an afternoon walk, but she suggested it could be a bike ride. So it was.

Crossing the bumpy bride on the "K" trail that leads to Menards.

We took basically the same route, except we did the full trail to Mendards and then to Hannah Park before returning the way we came.

It was a very fine afternoon to be out on a bike, and a special treat to be out with my sweetie. Two babes on bikes in two days—it was quite a good biking weekend!

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