Friday, October 12, 2012

A Quick Commute Along the Third Avenue Lane

View near the end of my quick ride downtown--the river seen near the new federal courthouse.  It was that kind of day.

I had an internship conference today at the Catherine McAuley Center,  so I biked downtown.

The trip there as uneventful, but the center is up near 10th Street—too far away from the trail for me to take my preferred route downtown, so instead I was biking on streets.  After the meeting, I had time before noon, so instead of heading directly back to MMU, I rode downtown and took a short jaunt on the trail, stopping by the new Federal Courthouse to adjust a strap on my new helmet.

On the way back, I tested out the new bike lane on Third Avenue.  It feels a bit odd to ride on it—car lanes are on both sides of you, and indeed, I saw many four-wheeled vehicles trespassing on my two-wheeled turf.  Still, it’s very nice to have a bike lane.  More, please.
The bike lane on Third Avenue.

Anyway, as I passed the Gazette, it said the temperature was 47 degrees.  It was sunny, a bit breezy, brisk in the shade—in short, an ideal day for biking.

I had an odd feeling of elation—maybe because it felt a bit like I was playing hooky.  The new library is taking shape, the new Federal Courthouse has started to grow on me a bit—it’s not just a big brick with windows—and I had a bike lane to ride on during a gorgeous morning.

I got back my noon.  I’m reviewing the Biden-Ryan show via the CBS web site.  I might have some thoughts to share on my other blog, but we’ll see.

For now, back to work—but this afternoon is just prelude to the ride home.  Which, given the cool temperatures during this beautiful fall, will be gorgeous.  On Wednesday, even a train that stopped me for a while looked nice:

Wednesday--I have to wait on J Street.  Blame Canada.

Train hurry up, bring my trail back.

Sunset as train goes by.  A cool, pretty ride home, and truly, I did not have to wait very long.

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