Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hope for the old ride?

Over a year ago, I stopped riding my 1974 Schwinn Continental, my "recreation" bike, and stirctly ride my Trek, my "commuting, work" bike.

Not that I don't still enjoy biking or do it for pleasure. It's just that the back brake fell completely off the old Schwinn. I don't ride a bike with no brakes (I was glad the break happened on the flat part of my ride home and now while I was going down the Mount Mercy hill).

Anyway, I bid goodbye to old faithful. Two welds had failed where a cross piece held the brake to the frame, so I figured it was beyond repair.

But, enter my sister Cate, who off-handedly noted she has a son-in-law who welds.

Could the Continental come back to life? I know it's silly, who wants to ride a 36-year-old bike?

I do. Here's hoping.

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