Friday, October 16, 2015

In Which Grandpa Joe Sometimes Leads the Way

Bike Club tradition--pre-ride selfie.

There were some young’uns on today’s bike club ride who were faster than me some of the time, but most of the time I was zooming along pretty well. It was cool, and that helped a lot—in crisp fall weather, I tend to ride faster to keep warm. So today on the MMU Bike Club ride, I was going pretty fast.

Common saying on today’s bike ride?

“Grandpa Joe is passing us again!”

Arriving at city park at the end of the ride, 10 miles south of MMU.

We rode out to the Cedar River Trail and just kept going south. Once we had crossed the river, I think the college students in the bike club were seduced by the trail—it’s very woodsy and pretty south of the river. When we got to the bridge over the rails, I stopped to confer with Mark, the bike club president, about when we wanted to turn back, and the other members of the club just kept on going.

“I think the kids want to ride,” Mark said. “I guess we better let them.”

Some of the kids got a bit tired on the way back. Some bikers walked up the hill at MMU, and I heard, as I rode ahead of them: “He’s an alien!” I think that is a compliment.

It was the perfect fall day for a ride. Students thought it would be too cool before we started, but we bikers know better—50 is perfect biking weather.

Heading back to campus, riding into sunset along trail. Yes, my camera strap got in the photo, too.

It was a bit breezy, and I suppose I might have a leg cramp tonight after I rode so far so fast, but it was totally worth it.

Nice bike ride, MMU Bike Club. It was our first 20-mile ride. Do that three times and add a bunch of hills and you would have one day of RAGBRAI. More photos of the ride.

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