Thursday, January 17, 2013

In Which It Has Been A Quiet Week

I noticed that I have not posted any biking adventures since Saturday, which could lead you to the conclusion that I have not been biking since Saturday, but only if you don’t know me.

It’s been a quiet, and satisfying, week. I’ve gone from having to wear long johns to stay warm to debating whether 2 pairs of socks were necessary—and today, one pair, granted, a warm winter pair, was enough. I am in a bit of a hurry in the morning when I bike in, so I have not photographed anything. I can dawdle and take more time and consider the Cedar River Trail in the afternoon, but we’re still in the “dark” months when there isn’t much light by the time I’m headed home.

Still, I’ve enjoyed good biking this week. Mount Mercy’s J-term is just about over, and I’ve biked for most of it. Spring, in semester terms, begins late next week. May the new semester be as full of biking as the old one—although, to be honest, a few rain-day commutes would be welcomed in this dry land, too.

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