Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bike Bling is Back as Prop Foul Clears

Good morning for biking CR today--though forecast says rain is coming. Smell of lilacs and crab apples and, sadly, pears perfumes the air.

As part of Mount Mercy's master plan, they should have a crazy guy with an axe attack the pears near Busse and Lundy. I volunteer.

Anyway, the prop on my Mustang (sister gave me a tiny model P-51, make, like all good patriotic American bike bling, in China) has finally come unstuck (I knocked it off by accident a few days ago and I think got dirt between teh prop and the plane body) so it was spinning.

My bike is a broken down old Trek assembled form cast off pieces of other bikes. The body is from my sister Cate (of bike bling fame). Cate, just so you know, ever since I inherited the bike (intended for Jon but he got a swanky new bike from Microsoft), first gear had not worked. When I shifted to the large gear in front, it would over shift and go off the edge.

Knock on wood, I tried it yesterday and today. The magic bike gods who fixed my prop apparently fixed by derail-er too--and it has shaved about 5 minutes off my commute time.


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