Tuesday, July 10, 2018

In Which A Warm Day Bring 49 Miles

Nearly noon, atop the new levee trail that leads to the future new walk-bike bridge. Pretty sky on a hot, humid Iowa day.

I had some hopes of getting more than 50 miles today, and didn’t quite make the goal. But I rode over 40 miles in a warming morning, and went to and from campus this afternoon, bringing me 49 miles for the day.

The morning began around 8. I decided to do the run down the Ely, and then thought I might circle the Prairie Park Fishery before heading home for lunch. However, the humid day grew increasingly warm, and I didn’t have the energy to maintain enough speed to go that full distances.

Still, I did reach the end of the trail south of Ely. Given that they have renamed the Cedar River Trail and Hoover Trail to that point as part of the Cedar Valley Nature Trail, that means between Friday’s epic quest north and today’s shorter ride, I’ve done both the historic trail route and the new, longer trail.

Despite the heat and humidity, it was a gorgeous Iowa summer day. The sky was flecked with clouds, although it was mostly sunny. Wind was not a problem, although there was a bit of a breeze—if anything, I would have preferred a bit more movement in the air.

Mile zero on Cedar Valley Nature Trail.
I took a break at the last city park in Cedar Rapids. After riding down to Seven Sisters Road, I turned north. I was fading a bit as the morning grew warm, looking for a second break, but the park on the south side of the Bridge of Lions didn’t look too inviting. I rode on, pausing at the end of the short, new trail on the levee, before pushing on through downtown to Cedar Lake and civilized plumbing for my second break.

It was pushing noon, and I wanted time for lunch and nap before an afternoon appointment. However, I had slowed to the point that I only ended up with the lunch—still, I think in a hot, humid ride it’s more important to take some breaks and cool off than push.

Never ride in a hurry in the heat, that’s my philosophy.

Anyway, after meeting a colleague at work, I headed home, where I encountered my sister. We may ride together again tomorrow—but I don’t think we plan any epic century rides.

Heading north from Seven Sisters Road trail end--view seems like symbol of Iowa in summer.

Cedar Lake on the way home.

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