Thursday, August 10, 2017

In Which We Travel 16 Miles To See Trains

Grandson and I on 16-mile ride today. He's on Tag-A-Long seat (and no, we are not about to be hit--took photo as we were stopped at street light).

I’ve still struggling with an ear infection, which is not doing good things for my bike riding. The first round of antibiotics knocked it down briefly, but it came back, and now I’m on drug 2.0.

Let’s hope this one works. In the meantime, speak loudly to me as if I were an old, hard of hearing person. It’s generally true anyway, just more so now.

Still, even as time gets more constrained (it’s August and school is looming), I have had some nice rides. When we can, my wife and I have done some evening rides, including a recent one out to Lowe Park in Marion.

On ride earlier this week--Monday night, I think. My wife and I went out to Lowe Park. Sky looked pretty nice.

I had not been riding much this week, partly because we’ve hosted four grandchildren for consecutive overnights, and we’ve just been busy doing other things. Fun things, such as visiting a nearby gorge to view fossils, but not biking things.

Today, I had the chance to put in a few miles. While his sisters went to taekwondo lessons, my oldest grandson and I took Clarence out for a spin with the Tag-A-Long attached.

We pedaled down to Cedar Lake so he could view trains, and then rode over to Marion to meet his sisters and mother for lunch. In all, we rode about 16 miles. And later, I went to collect my bike, adding enough to fairly claim I rode about 20 miles today.

Two views from evening ride home Aug. 10. Buck on Lindale Trail, above. Sky as I turn from Boyson Trail to Lindale Trail, below.

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